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Pop Haydn's Killer Epic

Pop Haydn's Killer Epic
Pop's routine for Hen Fetch's Mental Epic Slate.
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Pop Haydn's Killer Epic

Pop's routine for Hen Fetch's Mental Epic Slate.
This is an instructional video on Pop Haydn's "Killer Epic." This routine is powerful and entertaining.

In the original routine, the last revelation was the least impressive, the other two much stronger.

This routine ends with an applause cue and a powerful mental effect that stands on its own. There is more build--the strongest effect ends the routine.

At first three individuals are pointed out and each names a digit. This is an exchange of energy back and forth each time.

Then the coin is passed, going up and down the rows involving numbers of people.

Everyone else is thinking "will it come to me?" So in a sense the whole audience is alert and interested. There is energy being distributed throughout the crowd.

Finally, the deck is thrown back and forth to three different people. This means that the audience is being "stirred" throughout the procedurals. No one sleeps.

The simultaneous seating of the last test subjects provides the applause cue and button to the routine.

Unlike so many of my routines this one is not character driven and not comedic.

It is in the comfortable performance range of almost anyone. The mystery and the energy of the procedure provide the entertainment.

This version of Hen Fetsch's "Mental Epic" uses the original-style slate. ​

"I've stopped performing because of health issues, but if I ever do the Epic again, this is the way it will be done... Pop has thought about the inherent weaknesses of the original routine and found a logical way to tame them."
~Craig Browning

Much of my presentations are comedic, but not my version of Killer Epic. This has been probably the most talked about part of my show with comments usually along the lines of “how the f&$@ did you do that. I mean, wtf!” Thanks, Pop!
~John Johnson
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